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Safeguarding your Personal Information

Fraud Alert: Should you receive a questionable text, call or email from North Easton Savings Bank, please call the bank directly at 508-238-2007. Do not click on any links in a text or email should they request such action. As a reminder, North Easton Savings Bank will never contact you asking for your online banking login credentials. 
During this busy holiday buying season, we encourage you to stay alert and question merchant requests for personal information that is out of the norm. While most communications are harmless, some can come without such pure intents: Imposters are using social engineering, phishing scams, and any other techniques they can employ to trick you or your loved ones into providing sensitive information. This includes communication via text, over the phone, in the mail, through social media, digital messaging, and direct app advertising.
Please consider utilizing the following services to protect your finances:

  • Monitor account activity in real-time via our push notifications and balance alerts
  • Utilize our card controls to turn your NESB Debit Mastercard Off/On when not in use as well as advanced controls related to geographic location, online vs in-store, merchant/transaction type, and much more
  • Activate biometric login, protect username/password, and keep your personal information up to date with the bank (i.e. phone number, address)

There may be times that the Bank will need to contact customers and verify personal information. Should you receive a call claiming to be from North Easton Savings Bank and you feel as though it may be an imposter, please do not hesitate to hang up and call the Bank directly at 508-238-2007.
Kindly view our helpful tips and links to learn more ways to help keep your personal information safe.

Additionally, you can connect with your local banker to discuss any questionable circumstance you or a loved one may be in.

Thank you for choosing to bank local.