North Easton Savings Bank’s Aileen Zec Receives New England Women in Banking Award


North Easton Savings Bank is proud to announce that Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer Aileen Zec of Duxbury, Massachusetts, is a recipient of the Top New England Women in Banking Award.


Recognized for providing leadership and consistent top-of-market performance, award recipients are determined by the editors and advisors of Banking New England magazine. All nominees are considered solely on the strength of their accomplishments.


Aileen Zec is currently the senior vice president and chief operating officer for North Easton Savings Bank, where she oversees the retail, sales, operations, and marketing departments.  She was instrumental in the successful merger between Mutual Bank and North Easton Savings Bank , and with the organizations assets now at more than $1 billion, North Easton Savings Bank is more strongly positioned to make a substantial and positive impact in the communities it serves while fostering a culture of innovation. 


Prior to being named senior vice president and chief operating officer for North Easton Savings Bank, Aileen was the CFO at Mutual Bank, with responsibilities that encompassed human resources and finance.  Before, and after the merger of Mutual Bank and North Easton Savings Bank, Aileen managed retail, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources.


One thing that Aileen is known for saying, and meaning, is, “I just want people to love what they do, and love working as much as I do.” With this sentiment, she is focused on the culture – the people – of the Bank over profits, because she knows if the right things are done, the profits will come. Her track record speaks for itself – the performance of individuals in every department she’s ever led has always increased.  She leads by example.


Aileen is a harmonious combination of someone who is innovative-thinking and tech-forward and also grounded and able to grind to get things done.  Aileen is the person people come to when they need to get something done and done quickly and correctly.  She collaborates with the board and works in concert with North Easton Savings Bank’s President and CEO Rich Spencer, using her ability to look forward while running the now to help transform his ideas into viable actions. 


Aileen has also spearheaded the bank’s charitable giving program.  She has been instrumental in elevating the total annual philanthropic levels to around $400,000 and expanding the bank’s scholarship programs.  She is on the board of House of Possibilities (HOPe), an organization that works to make a difference in the lives of children, adults, and families living with developmental challenges by providing high quality programs and much needed relief and hope, and, while working in Whitman, led several “Clean Up Whitman” days, during which time she and other bank employees went out into the community and cleaned up whatever they could throughout the town.


Due to recent circumstances, North Easton Savings Bank is operating 90% digitally remote, and Aileen was instrumental in leading this monumental and critical project.  Again, leading by example, she has also demonstrated that North Easton Savings Bank will do whatever it can to help small businesses, answering “yes” to everything business owners have asked for when they need help.


Through her leadership, vision, and philosophy, Aileen Zec exemplifies a respected, effective, and impressive woman in banking.


Zec, whose experience in the financial services industry spans more than 25 years, joined North Easton Savings Bank (formerly Mutual Bank) in 2004 as Vice President & Controller and was elevated to Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer in 2016.  She has held her present post as Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer since July of 2019.

A graduate of Simmons College with a Bachelor of Science in accounting, Zec received her master’s degree in finance from New England College of Business. She was a participant in the American Bankers Association Wharton CEO Leadership Lab in 2019.


Zec is a member of the Massachusetts Bankers Association, American Bankers Association, Bankers Mutual Resource and the Financial Managers Society.


“It’s a pleasure to announce Aileen as a recipient of the prestigious New England Women in Banking award,” said Rich Spencer, president and CEO of North Easton Savings Bank. “She is a true leader with outstanding skills in strategic planning, problem solving and customer and employee engagement; the entire North Easton Savings Bank team extends its congratulations.”