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Now Offering Customers 1-Day Early Direct Deposit

As we continue to update and invest in financial tools and services that make our customers’ lives easier, North Easton Savings Bank is excited to announce that we will now be offering early direct deposit. With this service, our current customers will be able to access their automated direct deposit (ex. paycheck, benefits, social security) one day earlier than when it’s usually available.

How does early direct deposit work?

There is no action necessary by our customers who have direct deposit to receive the service. With early direct deposit, your funds will be made available in your designated account a day early through our efficient use of the automated clearing house networks.

Why should I sign up for direct deposit?

With direct deposit, your money is automatically deposited into your account safely, securely, and instantly. Direct deposit is recognized as the safest and most convenient form to receive one’s paycheck, benefits, or related payments.

What information do I need to set up direct deposit?

If you don’t already use direct deposit with North Easton Savings Bank, setting it up is simple. Ask your employer for a direct deposit form and enter your Bank Account number, the type of account, and our routing number (211371463).

When is early direct deposit posted?

Your deposit post time depends on your current employer/government agency and the agreements you have in place. With the early direct deposit service, NESB will immediately post the deposit to your account as soon as we receive files, but when those files are sent by your employer or government agency may vary each pay period.

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