Mansfield Farms Fresh Market.png

Shop Local Gains New Leader

It was wonderful for us to attend the December 4th grand opening of the Mansfield Farms Fresh Market. Judging by the all-day crowds, it appears we weren’t the only ones excited to have a ‘shop local’ focused market come to town. We admire their business model and commend them on their commitment to fostering partnerships with other local businesses.  

The Market, located at 65 Copeland Street in Mansfield, provides customers the opportunity to purchase freshly prepared meals from local establishments while shopping for produce and groceries. The owners felt so compelled to support their community and neighbors that they started the non-profit Sustainable Impact Food Rescue Group (S.I.F.R.G.). The mission of S.I.F.R.G. is to battle food insecurity and food waste while providing small business owners the opportunity to grow beyond their local markets.

At NESB, we strongly believe in supporting our neighbors and investing ourselves locally. We are excited to witness the amazing impact Mansfield Farms Fresh Market will have in town and invite all of our neighbors to visit them to shop local.